Tuesday, May 29, 2018

breastfeeding in style.

Motherhood has a tendency to leave you looking like a disheveled mess thanks to sleep deprivation and the whole caring for a miniature human being thing.
Now throw into the mix the fact you need to find breastfeeding friendly clothing and the decision to the leave the house looks even less appealing. Luckily all you need are a few key basics and the rest is pretty easy!

Just like my pregnancy I didn't want to invest a lot of money in nursing wear that was only going to be used for a year or so (and as it turns out I only used it for 11months as the little miss self weaned and moved to formula from the bottle completely - Read my experience on the introduction to bottle feeding HERE). So instead I invested in a few key nursing basics and the rest was normal clothing but carefully selected for it's breastfeeding friendliness.

During my early breastfeeding days, when I couldn't fit in any of my old clothes, I grabbed a few nursing tops from Target, three to be exact. I got a nursing overlay tank top, tulip short & long sleeve tops.
I preferred the overlay and the tulip style of nursing wear as it was easy to be discrete without needing a breastfeeding cover. I have no problems with women who can whip their boob out in public, hell I've done it more times than I can count, but I always preferred to be discrete when I could, especially when bubs get to the grabby stage and decide the whole world should see your boob.
The only problem with these styles were they were a bit frumpy and dare I say "mumsy".
Overlay Tank                           Tulip Top 

One of the key items in my arsenal of breastfeeding friendly wear was the breastfeeding cami I got from Target (pictured above and below).
I got it in a grey and black as they had a 2 for $40 special at the time.
They come with a built-in-bra so it quickly became the singlet I wore with EVERYTHING.
In the cooler months I wore them under jumpers so could lift the jumper up and feed without having my belly be hit with the cold.

During my (almost) year of breastfeeding I purchased two specifically breastfeeding friendly tops.
One I purchased for a fancy dinner I was attending with my in-laws (which also happened to be the night I was proposed to) and the other I purchased when I returned to work and bub was a tag along (yup, I took bub to work with me for about a month).
They were both great tops that were both fashionable and functional* however I only ever wore both a handful of times each.
Peachymama Frill Sleeve Top                                      Emilia Elliott Tie Me Top
*The Peachymama top's nursing "slits" aren't quite positioned right so makes latching a bit difficult especially when you can't see what you're doing...

Everything else I invested in was normal clothing but I kept boob-access in mind.
I stocked up on button up pjs, wrap dresses were my go-to and stretchy tees were my best friend.

Blue floral wrap maxi dress from TK Maxx
Shop similar below
ASOS                           Boohoo

Button up stripe shirt from Target.
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- margaret
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