Sunday, November 20, 2016

ground control to major tom.

"Trying to transmit, can you hear me?"
- Lana Del Rey

Five months and counting, where I've been and where I'm heading.

For those of you still with me it may seem like I've been off with the fairies but I promise there's a reasonable excuse for yet another hiatus.

As we speak I'm currently in the process of making a mini me (apparently it's currently the size of a lime).
It's already been one heck of a ride and I'm only one third of the way through (hello 12 week bump!). I have to admit this is a journey that Hollywood has most definitely romanticised, and I'm lucky to have gotten away with only a taste of the notorious symptoms.

The first few months are definitely the ones that Hollywood glazes over.
You spend a better part of it looking like you have a permanent food baby (slightly squishy, but always full) not to mention the nausea feels like a permanent hangover (it's always a battle of I'm queasy but also hungry, and what is with that incessant headache?), and the exhaustion means one activity a day is already too much (what is more important - weekly grocery shop or brunch with a friend for my sanity?) and a 8pm bedtime is standard.

One thing I've realised, as silly as it sounds, is that 9months really isn't a lot of time to create a new life (but somehow a microwave minute still feels like a lifetime).
This reality hit me when at 6weeks I was already struggling to fit in a big portion of my wardrobe (bras included).
I have since dived into the deep crevices of my wardrobe and dredged out the last remaining pieces that can accommodated for my growing "food" baby and quickly disappearing waistline.

As for the world of culinary experiences it seems I have now developed an appetite similar to that of a growing adolescent boy and my tastes seem to have honed in specifically on KFC's popcorn chicken (in the last few months I've consumed more KFC that I have had in the last 10 years) and back to my Asian roots with cravings of durian, my mum's home cooking, udon and dumplings.

So now you know where I've been and where I'm going.
Thanks for sticking by and here's to the new chapter of my life and naturally to the world of this blog.

- margaret
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