Sunday, November 1, 2015

florals for spring - infinite possibilities.

"Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking."
-Miranda Priestly, Devil Wears Prada

I'm a spring baby so naturally I feel most at home when the calendar flips to September and the temperature begins to climb. But more importantly spring is when (most) flowers begin/restart their life cycle.

The last month has been another rollercoaster in all aspects of my life, from my day job to personal life - but I'm now ready to turn over a new leaf and prepare for 2016.

A friend of mine recently loaned me his copy of 'Infinite Possbilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams' by Mike Dooley and although I'm only a few chapters in it is already making an impact on my life. Infinite Possibilities looks into the power of thinking and how a thought can materialise in real life. I have always felt there have been moments in my life where this exact theory was in play, but it wasn't until I began reading this book that I realised I could apply this idea more liberally across my life.

"You have but to direct your thinking to direct your experience."
-Mike Dooley

The day I began reading this book wheels of thoughts materialising were put into motion. Although these following examples are minute they still made me think and chuckle to myself a little.
The first occured when I was visiting one of my hospital customers and I was thinking it would be my absolute luck if I could finally nab one of those free 2hr parks out the front, and low and behold, as I approached the hospital a car pulled out of a free 2hr spot.
The second moment occurred that same day at lunch. I had one of my spontaneous music cravings (FYI: this time was Beiber's "What Do You Mean?" and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I may have already played said track into the hundreds.) And what song was to come on over the cafe stereo as that thought materialised? Beiber's "What Do You Mean?", of course!
(My musical cravings and it suddenly coming on has actually occurred numerous times - it actually happened this morning! Out of my playlist of thousands of song, the first song that came up when I hit shuffle happened to be the one I had been humming.)

"We create our own realities, our own fate, and our own luck."
-Mike Dooley

There have been a few other moments in my life where similar occurrences of thoughts materialising have happened in both a positive and negative manner, but I won't go into those.
These collection of moments have made me think that I should start thinking of more positive outcomes and events with hopes that similarly they will materialise as well. I'm not saying set a goal and not strive towards it with blind hope it just happens - think of it more like picking a destination with no set flight plan and enjoying the moments as things begin to unfold.

"Our words and our actions are merely our thoughts given wings."
-Mike Dooley

Photos by Thomas Aslanian.

Dress: Romwe
Sandals: Therapy (via The Iconic)

- margaret

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