Saturday, September 26, 2015

low lights for frocktober.

In these low lights we whisper a quiet prayer.

I have always wanted to use my blog and my social media presence to make a difference, but didn't know how I could go about it. I considered running a fundraiser for shaving my hair earlier this year for the 'Be Brave & Shave' after finding out mid last year that my grandma was diagnosed with bone cancer (we were told she only had 6wks left in her but she's still fighting!). My thoughts were that hair is such a quintessential element to someone's overall look and this being a predominately fashion focussed blog I thought that removing such an element would be a great way to fundraise for such a great cause - unfortunately though my boss (who also happen to be my parents) told me that this was not okay for work. Instead, for those who may remember my 'Phoenix' post late last year, I chopped off 40cm of my locks and donated to Pantene's 'Beautiful Lengths' program where they use the hair donated to make wigs for those who have lost their hair during the course of cancer.

This year I want to use this platform and make a real difference.

Recently a friend of mine's mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and it really hit home that ovarian cancer research still has a long way to go. Unlike breast and cervical cancer, ovarian cancer has no early detection test. But what makes it worse is that by the time it is detected 80% of women are already in the advanced stages. Pair this with a lower survival rate compared to breast and cervical cancer it's frightening to think that there is still so much more to be discovered.

So what do I plan to do?
This October I will be sporting a frock every day to support Ovarian Cancer research. But I don't want to just raise awareness I want to make a difference. So, all profits made from dresses sold on my Etsy (for updates follow @shop_lpm) & eBay (for updates follow @shoplpm_clearance) from now until the end of October will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. If buying a dress isn't your thing but you still want to show your support snap a pic through the month of October and hashtag #Frocktober2015 OR you help me get to my small goal of donating $1000 through my Frocktober support page:

Together, let's make a difference.

PS: If you would like to collaborate in any way, shape or form please email me!
(Because surprisingly I don't own 31 dresses...)

Photos by Thomas Aslanian.

Dress: Talulah (from Myer) 
Necklace: Louise Jean
Heels: Spurr (from The Iconic) 

- margaret

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