Saturday, August 8, 2015


K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple Stupid - my make up mantra.

Lippy: Shiseido Perfecting Lipstick in Red Luxe P7 - discontinued
Dress: David Lawrence

For me I like to keep my make up simple because honestly I prefer to sleep in and I prefer the natural look.
My routine includes a layer of primer before a dusting of mineral foundation and a splash of blush - all topped off with eyeliner (the most time consuming element) and of course a pop of lipstick.

Eyeliner, and especially lipstick, is my go to pick-me-up no matter my mood.
Whether I'm hungover or just in a cannot-be-bothered mode these two make up accents are what gives me that boost of confidence and reassurance that everything will be a-okay.

So without further ado I bring to you the current lipsticks on high rotation (and what they look on, because nothing frustrates me more than not knowing what the shade looks like on an actual person).

"Purple Sangria" Party Proof Unboxed Lipstick by Model Co
A deep, vampy purple had been on my wishlist of lipsticks since the beginning of autumn - there's something sensually moody about the colour that works perfectly for the cooler months.
The colour of Model Co.'s Purple Sangria is beautifully creamy but still not quite the shade of purple I wanted - if only the undertones weren't so red!
I love the creaminess of the unboxed party proof range and definitely interested in a few other shades in this range.
In regards to the transferability, let's just say you're going to be a barista's worst nightmare which plays into the next factor, there is a need of re-application to keep the colour as punchy.
Wearing: Lonely Lingerie Sabel Underwire Bra + Leather Jacket from MojoMade

"Grandest Grape" Chubby Stick by Clinique
This is easily my favourite simply because of the colour. There's something rich and hearty about this shade that I love. However the major downside to this is the fact that it's not actually a lipstick so the longevity of this number is little to none meaning LOTS of reapplying and a fair amount of transfer.
If anyone knows of a shade similar to this in a nice lipstick form let me know!
Wearing: Somedays Lovin' Tee

"Red Velvet" Party Proof Matte Lipstick by Model Co
With the dwindling amount of my go-to red lippy (the lipstick below) I decided to venture out and try out a bold red from Model Co. As you can tell between the two pictures the reds are quite different with Model Co's being a bit brighter.
My biggest issue with this lippy is that the matte formula drys out the stick giving it a chalky feel when you put it on. If only it was as creamy as it's Unboxed counterpart!
Wearing: Tokito Polka Dot shirt + Alannah Hill Coat

"Dragon - RD514" Perfect Rouge by Shiseido
This shade was my first lipstick courtesy of a sample my mother received which has become my absolute favourite. There's something about this shade of red which makes it perfect for so many occasions and has served me so well. 
The best thing about this number is that it's super long lasting. Whenever I rock this shade I know I can go the whole night without reapplication, which means one less thing to carry!
Wearing: Betty Basics 'Madonna' top

"Pink Hope" by Jessica Hart for Luma
I bought this last September for Bright Lipstick Day which is a campaign by Pink Hope which aims to open up the conversation about your families health history especially in regards to cancer.
100% of the proceeds of this lippy goes direct to Pink Hope.
So that's the background on this bold shade which I never thought I'd own let alone fall in love with.
It's a great matte number which is also very long lasting (and for some reason I reckon smells like musk sticks...).
Bright Lipstick Day is coming around again on the 25th of September so get your hands on this shade, selfie away and hashtag #brightlipstickday #lumacosmetics :)
Wearing: Sass Floral Blouse

- margaret

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