Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Nothing but a trusty pair of blues.

One of my fondest memories growing up was planning my outfits for mufti days (aka non-uniform days). They came few and far between so when we had the opportunity to wear our own clothes to school I made the most of it.

Jeans for Genes day was always one of my favourite, though I didn't understand the significance until now.
I lived in jeans and denim of all sorts (think 90s denim overalls in several shades and lengths...) so I was always thrilled to have the opportunity to rock a bit (read: a lot) of denim.

These days are much the same, I rock a bit of denim when I can. I have to admit it's hard to sneak in denim when my job description demands for corporate chic so weekends and casual Fridays are my denim's best friend - so take a guess who's excited for Jeans for Genes day on the 7th of August ;)

Photos taken by Thomas Aslanian.

Bodysuit (top): Forever New
Heels: Spurr (from The Iconic)
Belt: Review

- margaret


  1. Is that the new pair of jeans? Looking goodddddd!!!! I really like the tuck details on the front!! :)

  2. You totally picked the right pair of mum jeans! Looks so good on you

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