Sunday, June 28, 2015

orange is the new black.

*Not affiliated with the crazy popular TV Series*

My motto when it comes to fashion is "if in doubt always stick with black and white" - a reasoning I threw out the window when I spotted these orange culottes during my trip to Japan earlier this year.

Culottes are the perfect combination of the comfort and flowiness of an A-Line skirt and the practicality of a pair of pants.
I'm definitely looking for the temperature to start rising so I can live in culottes again.

PS: Is it just me or do these babies give off a 70's vibe?

Photos by Thomas Aslanian.

Top: Uniqlo
Bottoms + Belt: Lily Brown
Earrings: Lovisa
Heels: Mimi Loves Jimi (from General Pants)

- margaret

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  1. Wear more coulottes & palazzo pants cos I cant. The end

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