Sunday, May 10, 2015

travel diary: tokyo, japan.

Exactly three weeks ago I landed in Tokyo - here's my first photo diary of the city that has captured my heart.

The famous Shibuya Crossing

No words can truly explain the wonderful experience I had exploring Tokyo, and a few other cities of Japan. From the moment you arrive you are greeted by smiling faces and helpful staff, something that resonates with everyone you meet in Japan.

The people of Japan are one of the kindest and generous I have ever met and the countless time I got lost were first hand experiences of their generosity and kindness. It didn't matter whether they spoke a word of English or not they would do everything in their power to help you understand. I had bus drivers pull randoms off the street to translate for me, I had convenience store staff close their counter to show me directions, I had patrons at a restaurant translate menus for us - something I've never experienced in any city I've ever visited.

So what exactly did I get up to on my first trip to Japan?
Naturally my main goal for my first visit was to shop and eat on repeat - which is exactly what I did!
Here's a little diary of what I got up to.

Let's just say this beautiful city and country has won my heart and another trip in October is in the works.

My first morsel of food in Japan - Ongiri from 7-Eleven

Cool weather meant ramen made for the perfect dinner - can't remember the name of the ramen house - it's in Shinjuku city and about a block from the Uniqlo, but I know I'll be back!

New Uniqlo outfit for Day 2 of exploration - selfie from my room at Hilton, Tokyo

French pastries are a big thing in Japan - this tasty chou pastry with meringue and custard filling was from the dessert level in the basement of Daimaru, Tokyo

More French pastries, but this time at Hakone station where we attempted to see Mount Fuji

View from Hakone station - unfortunately it was rather cloudy during our stay in Japan so we couldn't see Mount Fuji - better luck next time!

Sashimi and Nigiri for dinner at Tsukiji Fish Markets - after having this amazing quality of sashimi, nothing will ever compete. The different grades and freshness meant the meat just melts in your mouth. Though I have to admit it was disturbing and slightly off putting to see a fish still flinching on my plate...

Unfortunately the style in Japan meant I found it very hard to find pieces I would actually wear - however I did stumble a nugget of gold at Lily Brown where the denim and orange number is from.
And because I got caught in the rain with my leather loafers these Forever21 espadrilles were a lifesaver.

My Sweet Melody pancake with fairy floss at the My Sweet Melody & My Sweet Piano cafe at the Cafe&Diner at Parco, Shibuya
I went to this cafe with the hopes that it was still the Pokemon cafe however on arrival was greeted with a LOT of pink, much to my brother and father's dismay - but have to admit it was an interesting experience

Shopping sustenance at Dexee Diner, Shibuya

Shinjuku city at night

During my trip I discovered my love for plum wine - guess I know where my 2L alcohol limit is going to consist of during my next visit!

My final meal at Narita airport - my favourite and absolute go to meal - teriyaki chicken paired with a green tea float - yum!

- margaret

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