Saturday, May 30, 2015

new world.

All it takes is a fresh perspective for a new world to form beneath your feet.

We're all so stuck in our own thoughts and so accustomed to the patterns in which we think that sometimes we don't realise that there is a whole new experience to be had if we look at it in a different light.

Something I've always queried quietly to myself is what the world looks like through someone else's eyes.
I always wondered whether everyone saw things exactly as I saw them or whether I saw colour where they saw only shades of black and white.
Then as I began to experience things I realise that each person's experience shapes how they see the world - where one person might see lightness, another might see darkness.

And with these thoughts I further explore the new world that I've created.

Photo taken by @TheBiggerBloke

Jumper: Lioness c/o St Frock
Jeans: LTB Jeans "Tanya" High Waisted
Shoes: New Look (from ASOS)
- margaret

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