Sunday, April 12, 2015

into the woods.

Watch as I wander into the woods.

I'm finding it hard to find my place of zen, a momentary feeling that's like a high I'm forever chasing.
I want to run far away from this place and settle only where reality can't catch me.
They say that not all who wander are lost but sometimes you need to truly lose yourself to find yourself again.
But here in this place reality's grip is tight so I guess all I can do is take a breathe and carry on - one foot in front of another.

Photos taken by Thomas Aslanian.

Cardigan: c/o St Frock
Dress: Alice in the Eve (from General Pants)
Socks: c/o Stance
Boots: New Look

- margaret


  1. That first photo is beautiful! You look like the little red riding hood going into the woods :)


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