Saturday, March 28, 2015

walk the faded line.

"Silence, the only promise ever kept."
-Lamb of God

People rarely say what they mean and what they do say are pieces of a puzzle that work together to create the full picture.
However difficulties arise when people don't mean what they say.
An unfortunate reality I've come to learn in my few years in adulthood.

One thing I've learnt about myself over the past year (which I touched on in my post about my latest tattoo Fate) is that I'm an aural person meaning I'm particularly sensitive to words, the way they are structured and the tone that surrounds them.
We've all encountered various affects of inflexion and word selection one stage or another for example how do you feel when you get the reply "okay" compared to "k"?

This sensitivity in-conjunction with this harsh reality is what drew me to the Lamb of God quote above from their song "Faded Line" which I had tattooed a few years back.

Anyways, enough deep and brooding "Metal Maggie" for one blog post.
My other half (who played photographer for this shoot) is now rocking it on Instagram - check him out!
Photos taken by @TheBiggerBloke

Lace Bodysuit: c/o Passionata
Skirt: c/o Hunt No More
Boots: New Look
Socks: c/o Stance

- margaret

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