Saturday, January 10, 2015

tea party.

Take me back a simpler time where chivalry isn't just a dream. 

There's something endearing about the past that draws me towards it.
The idea of a simpler time where chivalry sung through, a quality now lost.
Bravery, courtesy and honor are something we should all strive to have - men and women alike.
And in regards to the last quality under the umbrella that is chivalry - gallantry towards women - it's something that can be adapted to the constantly changing society we're in. Chivalry shouldn't be an oppressive concept but one of mutual respect.

With Valentine's being a month away the romantic side of me is pushing through and begging to be acknowledged, and to me nothing is more romantic that chivalry. Yes I'm a strong, independent woman who can open my own door and pay for my own meal but sometimes it's nice to just step back and let someone else take the reigns for a bit.

Photos taken by Thomas Aslanian.

Dress: Alannah Hill
Bag: Mimco
Necklace: Louise Jean
Heels: Asos

Lips: Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Colour Lip Balm in "Grandest Grape" 

- margaret

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