Saturday, January 17, 2015

daily dose of bliss.

Even the most insignificant days deserve to be remembered.

A year is both a long time and it isn't.
It can fly by without you realising how much you've achieved.

Back in 2012 I embarked on a journey where I documented every day of my year as a personal visual diary. I didn't realise the impact that this would make on my life until after the project was done.
Although some days felt like it was a chore trying to find something to photograph, and many times I considered pulling the plug, I'm glad I didn't. 
After the year was over and out I looked back at the pictures I took and realised that through taking a photo each day I could remember even the most insignificant days.

What sparked me to restart the project was when I was prompted by Nora of Nora Finds to note my 5 most memorable moments of 2014 and I drew a blank. As I've mentioned before 2014 was a rollercoaster ride of a year for me personally and when I thought back on the year that was all I could remember were the bad things that happened which disappointed me because in between all of the bad moments I knew there were great ones.

So here I am, with 2015 underway, and I've started the project again with an Instagram account dedicated to it.
You can find my visual diary HERE.

Because each day deserves to be remembered.
And never forget that even in the darkest days there are moments of light.
Capture that and never forget.

Hashtag your images with #dailydoseofbliss and I'll repost a few each week.

- margaret

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