Tuesday, October 28, 2014

sunday best.

A little floral frock is all you need on a Sunday.

There's something special about finding a piece that strikes the perfect balance between a flawless silhouette and divine print.
With a 50s inspired silhouette, matching cherry blossom print and handy pockets this dress danced its way gracefully into my heart.

I've always loved the silhouettes that came out of the 50s - there's something exceptionally chic about them with a modest hemline to boot (have to say I like being able to move around without flashing the world…)

This cherry blossom dress is available in a Medium for sale through my Facebook HERE. There are also 3 other amazing prints available in various sizes. They’re all handmade to perfection and an absolute spring/summer must have. Expect to see me running around in this number all over town! 

Dress: KissyFace (available via Shop LPM)
Flats: Asos

- margaret

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