Sunday, July 20, 2014

au naturel with nude by nature.

I'm not a huge fan of make up.
I don't understand girls who feel the need to cake their faces full of make up, and especially don't understand how they can walk out of the house with their face colour not matching their necks.
The main reason is I hate knowing my skin can't breathe and that I can't touch my face.

So in comes in my make up saviour to all my problems, Nude by Nature.
I'm sure you've all seen the ads so I won't regurgitate what they say on those ads. I was extremely skeptical about trying out Nude by Nature, mainly because of the ridiculous amount of ads they have, but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a chance - and am I glad I did!

Before I bought the product I decided to go to Myer's make up counter to try out their tester and was pleasantly surprised by the results.
My skin has decided that now in my early twenties it will act as if it's just reaching puberty with pimples popping up weekly to say hello, leaving my face perpetually blotchy and red. Nude by Nature's coverage is SO good it gives me the flawless au naturel look. Just see the before and after images before (they haven't been retouched at all.. eep feeling a bit naked about showing these)

What I love most about Nude by Nature is I can still feel my skin breathe because of it's mineral and light base, while it simultaneously gives me a flawless coverage.
I use the Medium toned coverage and it works perfectly for me. I also add a little bit of the "Soft Focus Illuminator Powder" to my cheeks as blush.
Oh, did I mention it only takes me 2 minutes to put on make up with Nude?
Trust me, this is a product well worth trying!



- margaret

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