Wednesday, March 5, 2014

welcoming autumn.

Autumn has FINALLY hit Sydney, and for once I was actually waiting and yearning for the weather to cool.
Why, you ask, would you want such a thing when you complain so much about hating winter?
Simple, so I can rock my new coat I bought while I was in Ireland.

To battle the cold in Ireland I bought this cute coat from The Little Deer. I was hesitant as the Euro-AUD was terrible and this coat would end up costing me close to AUD$300, but eventually I decided to get my hands on it and I was so glad I did.
I love everything about this coat from the pattern, the length and even the batwing arms. Despite worrying about the one size fits most, this coat doesn't down me in fabric, and the large squares helps too.

Now onto why I'm loving the autumn weather, which amazingly came on time this year.
I love summer because I have an overabundance of summer clothes, but the humidity in Australia makes it unbearable. In comes autumn. The perfect mix of humidity and cool weather makes it the perfect weather to wear summer dresses like my gorgeous emerald Minty Meets Munt dress (also seen in this post) paired with my big winter coat.

Coat: Loela (from The Little Deer)
Stockings: c/o Ambra

- margaret


  1. That is a beautiful coat! :)

    Our weather has started to cool a little here too, although it's not quite winter coat weather just yet :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Awesome look <3
    Nice pics too


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