Monday, January 27, 2014

travel diary: ireland.

For those who follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed that I have been away on a not so little trip to Ireland.
For the last three weeks I have enjoyed the wonders and views of the gorgeous country that is Ireland.

The main reason for my travels to Ireland was to visit my boyfriend's family, and boy are there plenty of them! With 1 nanny, 10 pairs of aunties & uncles, 46 first cousins and several second cousins I had my work cut out for me, it was like being the new kid at school where everyone knew your name and you were yet to meet them all. And if you're wondering, yes I am able to name every single of the family members I met and even group them into the correct family and siblings.

As relatives were of abundance we were lucky to save on accommodation, though there were plenty of B&B's in town. I spent most of my time in Westport, Mayo a lovely country-esque party town on the west coast.
I enjoyed daily Jack & Eddies for breakfast (local Westport pig farmers who make THE best pork sausages and rashers, who also happen to be family...) and deliciously warm hot whiskies on nights out.
We explored the history of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, which I highly recommend for anybody planning on visiting Dublin. And climbed Croagh Patrick, which I would not recommend for unfit lasses like myself (it took us 6hours while locals take around 2.5hrs - they almost sent helicopter search and rescue for us...)
And did a spot of shopping in nearby town Castlebar, and did roadtrips to Achil, Keel and Kylemore Abbey.

Below are just some of the pictures I took on my trip in Ireland.
From the view, to the friendly people, to the laid-back lifestyle and the pure serenity you will encounter while you're there; everything about Ireland will take your breath away.
I can't wait for my next trip to Ireland. There are still so many things to see!

Left: Guinness & Beef Stew with a Pint of Guinness from the Guinness Storehouse
Right: Afternoon tea at Kylemore Abbey Cafe with Spongecake with jam & cream, Meringue with strawberries and cream and an Irish coffee
Food photos courtesy of @BakingWithMaggie Instagram

- margaret

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  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like such a nice place to visit :)

    Away From Blue


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