Monday, December 2, 2013

summer prep with raw revival.

Summer is officially upon us and with the weather heating up it's time to soak up the sun and hit the beach.

After the last few months during the winter period (spring counts as winter too) I felt extremely sluggish and in major need of an energy booster. With the craze of raw juice cleanses going around I thought I'd try my hand at a local Sydney-based cold pressed juice company Raw Revival Juices.

The beauty of cold pressed juices is that it maintains the nutrients within the fruit and vegetables so you get the most out of what you use.
Raw Revival Juices offer one day trial pack ($70) and a three day cleanse ($170), and delivers these goodies straight to your door on Sundays (only available in Sydney).
Each day you are given 6 juices, and by no means do you need to go without food! They only recommend you cut out processed food such as white bread, white rice and pasta, and refrain from sugar and caffeine - all of which I broke in my breakfast alone, but moving along..

After my one day trial pack and my one day all green pack I felt a lot more energised, despite eating bread and pasta for all three meals on both days...
It has made me really work towards including juices in as many meals as possible. After the two days with the juices when I went back to just eating what I was eating I felt gluggish (if that's even a word). I felt horrible after eating pasta and got a migraine - showing me that it's probably not the best food for me, and that the juice had cleansed my body and that at that point I was reversing the work it had done. I had never craved a nice clean salad more, at that point.
And with that, I believe it's time to make a lovely little salad with a juice to go with for lunch.

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- margaret

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