Monday, September 9, 2013

royal aquamarine.

Welcome to the world of Royal Aquamarine.
Taking classic deigns, mixing it with the best quality, and selling them at crazily affordable prices - what more can you ask for?

This is what Royal Aquamarine is all about.
They've taken the most classic designs, like the Wayfarer, put it together with the best quality, think Italian acetate, glass lens and German craftsmanship, all at an affordable price starting from $129.

I sat down a few weeks ago and spoke to the brains behind the project, Vinson, and he talked me through how Royal Aquamarine was born.
Within moments I knew how passionate he was about what he was doing, and how was constantly trying to offer the best quality sunglasses (and soon, optical glasses) to the world, at an affordable price.
He was frustrated that branded sunglasses were selling at ridiculous prices, for a much poorer quality - and I concurred!

As I browsed the currently collection, I noticed quickly that the quality outshone my beloved Rayban Wayfarers. I've only had my Wayfarers for just over 5 years and already the lens were scratched, not to mention I've had to take them in to reshape at least once a year - no thanks to me wearing them on my head like a headband, but I can't help it!
However, Vinson quickly showed me a cure to all my problems.

As the sunglasses by Royal Aquamarine are made with glass lens you can't scratch them - that is unless you decide to drop them from your head, to a cement floor... He proved this point to me by pulling out his keys and scratching at the lens like there were no tomorrow - but with no avail, the sunglasses walked out scratch free.
He then tended to my problem about wearing my sunnies on my head. He announced proudly that they're upcoming collection (dropping in November/December) they will be using spring hinges which means something miraculous, they don't bend out of shape when you put them on your head!
*This post was sponsored.

- margaret
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