Monday, August 5, 2013


I've always loved photography.
It is this love that has pushed me to take up a course in it at Tafe.
Although I have much to learn, I love the ability to share something wondering with the world.

Here's just a few of my favourite snaps I've taken over the years.
I'm only just realising that although I love fashion and so far everything I've done is to strive for this love, looking at the photos I've chosen to share with you, I realise my love in photography is to capture the world around me.
3m Diving Board at school, taken with a handmade pin-hole camera
Cherry Blossoms on the Great Wall of China
Staircase in Launceston
Tree Stump at Punaluu, the black sand beach, Hawaii
LiJiang, China
My Backyard one misty morning (yeah, I live on the water)
My cat, Flanagan, being a fence cat..
- margaret

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