Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love heels. I own 99% more heels than proper shoes. However I hate wearing heels because I never last more than a few hours in them...seated.

So when I found out that Flipsters had a handbag solution to my problems, I knew I had to snap a pair up. 

Flipsters offers you a huge variety of flats and sandals that fit seamlessly into your handbag, or clutch like I had them, and make going out in heels a dream. 

Last weekend when I attended a Market HQ's show at MBFFSYDNEY (post coming soon!) I decided to run out to the city in heels. By the time I had reached the city (note: I had a 10min walk to the train station before I reached the city) I was ready to stay seated for the rest of the evening. Luckily, I had packed my Flipsters and quickly popped them on and the rest, is history. 

Images taken by Tom Malek.
Beginning Boutique Gold Neckace / Glassons Peplum / Mimi Loves Jimi Heels / Napoleon Perdis Clutch

*This post was sponsored.
- margaret

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  1. They are such cute little flats! A great idea for busy days where you might get tired in heels! :)

    Away From Blue


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