Tuesday, July 23, 2013

welcome to little treasures.

For those who remember my post two three weeks ago, my little baby Little Treasures made its debut to society over the weekend.

With handmade bunting, by yours truly (tutorial on this coming soon!), a hand done canvas sign, done by my multi-talented photographer Tom Malek and deliciously scented Pigeon & Weasel candles at the entrance, we were set for our big debut to society.

On Saturday night we had a little gathering to celebrate with Mojitos (recipe coming to Baking With Maggie very soon)Santa Vittoria sodas and MakMak Macarons.
The next day we opened our doors and watched as excited Sydney siders checked out what we had to offer.

A HUGE thank you to District 01 for the fabulous cosy space that kept us out of the cold, and made Little Treasures a true little treasure tucked away in Surry Hills.
And of course, a huge thank you to everyone who came down!

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District 01, home of Little Treasures.

Chris from #CROSSSECTION Boutique & Monique from Sneaky Peek.

Clay from Pigeon & Weasel enjoying some Santa Vittoria, and Pigeon & Weasel candles making Little Treasures smell delicious.

Our tasty treats table featuring MakMak Macarons & Santa Vittoria Sodas.

The lovely Siree from The Hidden Thimble with her new Pigeon & Weasel shopping while sipping on some Santa Vittoria

Monique & Tom (the multi-talented photographer)

David, Mr-LPM Shane & Tony from Paper Corona enjoying some Santa Vittoria

Guests Tessa & Kari enjoying Santa Vittoria

Lee from Bright Green Laces enjoying some MakMak Macarons

Reen & Sarah from Bright Green Laces enjoying some Santa Vittoria

Our first visitor of the day, Kimba from Kimba Likes

The fabulous Kee Kee from Laurel & Hector sipping some Santa Vittoria

Images taken from @lpmmags Instagram
1. Bunting decoration, handmade by me
2. Handmade Peter Pan collars by Collars From Neverland
3. Handmade floral headbnads by Sneaky Peek
4. Sexy wears by Age of Intimacy
5. Delicious gluten free macarons by Mak Mak
6. Refreshing beverages by Santa Vittoria
7. Hand-knitted wears by Marikit by Kitty Choy
8. Eco-friendly, tasty scented candles by Pigeon & Weasel
9. Vintage wears from Renew
10. Handmade vintage inspired threads by Laurel & Hector
11. Male and female vintage wears from Dear Pluto
12. Mixed designer threads from #CROSSSECTION Boutique

- margaret


  1. Looks like such a lovely space, and great event! Congrats :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Congrats on pulling together Little Treasures! It looked so fun and I can't wait to see your bunting tutorial :)

  3. Thanks for having me! I've had a little bit of Little Treasures booty on every day since! See you next month. I've got my eye on some bunting. X

  4. you're always one step ahead


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