Wednesday, July 10, 2013

seeing with sneaking duck.

Being perpetually short-sighted, and forever lazy when it came to the use of my contacts, I decided it was time to pick up a pair of new optical glasses. A little while ago I was introduced to the fabulous brand that is Sneaking Duck so I decided to have a peek at their range and made full use of their home trial system.

Sneaking Duck offers free delivery worldwide with free returns in Australia.
The first pair are $180 but each following pairs are only $90.
They also do sunglasses (as seen here) which are $230 for the first pair and $140 for each following pair.
And of course, they offer the free home trial system where you can pick 5 glasses to take home for a week and try out.

I picked the following 5 glasses to take home and try to see which suited me more - I'm currently still torn between Dewey and Tortuga whilst my boyfriend liked the Bookish Chic - what do you reckon?

All Glasses: Sneaking Duck
Top: c/o Somedays Lovin'

- margaret

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  1. One vote for Bookish Chic! Hope you find the right pair!


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