Monday, June 17, 2013

travel diary: surfers paradise.

Over the Queen's Birthday long weekend we had recently my fam-bam and I headed up north to sunny Surfers Paradise to escape the cold snap that has just hit Sydney, only to be greeted with more rain than I had seen in weeks. Despite not getting the natural, healthy summer glow I was hoping for I ate lots of amazing food and managed to sneak in a little pool sesh in. Oh, and I had my first ever pokies experience - and I won! A mere $10 but it's a win nonetheless!

What those three days away reminded me was that despite the busy lifestyle we all live in, it's vital to take a few days off and just leave all the work and stress behind. I spent the three days without any set plans, eating copious amounts of amazing food, napping and watching a sh*tload of tv. I haven't had such a carefree couple of days for a very long time, and having smartphones definitely doesn't help. Although it's hard to get a few days off to do nothing, I'm definitely going to start implementing baby steps and weening myself off social media and work in the evenings and just enjoy being home.

"Sausage Connection" @ Bavarian Haus

The best salad ever! Garlic Prawn Salad @ Charlie's

Seafood Platter (For Two) @ Saks, Marina Mirage

Best Ice-Cream Cake EVER! Cookies & Cream @ Baskin & Robins

Best breakfast ever! @ Delikatessen

Sizzling Chicken Faijitas @ Spinners, Jupiter Casino

A foggy Sydney when I arrived home.

- margaret

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  1. Yum, the food looks so good! Sorry the weather wasn't great though, we did have a strangely wet and cold long weekend. Well done for braving the pool though!

    Away From Blue


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