Friday, June 7, 2013

finders keepers aw13 sydney markets.

Last weekend I headed down to the Australia Technology Park to have a peek at the amazing homegrown creatives at the Finders Keepers Markets.

I stumbled across a lot of fantastic new finds, but unfortunately didn't buy anything.
The first place I stumbled across, Minnette vs. Corey, had a heap of very cute cut out jewellery.

The next place was one of the highlights of the day, Craft Schmaft, who have these craft kits where you sew your own little stuffed creatures or hot air balloon mobiles. Unfortunately I didn't snap up the special price of 3 for $33 and now kicking myself because they're $30 each on their online store :(

We then stumbled across Joyjoie who makes cute handmade teepees which the three of us had a ball of a time envisioning Reen's nursery, which resulted in her buying a teepee - that kid is going to have the BEST bed room EVER!

But hands-down the absolutely highlight was the 'In an Instant Photography' photo booth where you got to dress up and take a photo digitally then on an old-school polaroid camera for you to keep! I'm most definitely keeping these guys in my to-be-followed up list for future events!

Featuring Reen (Bright Green Laces) & Jessi White (Jessi White Photography)

- margaret


  1. OMG so funny! Love these pics. You are so ninja I didn't even notice you taking some of them

    x. Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. Haha you and Reen are so sweet and funny!

    Some great finds!




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