Friday, May 31, 2013

the works.

Recently I've been thinking about how I would like to furnish my own place, whilst simultaneously looking for the perfect warehouse conversion/loft in Sydney. I love vintage furniture, and knowing that that singular piece of furniture has experienced something amazing before landing in my hands.

So when I first visited The Works in Glebe to see the #CROSSSECTION I thought I had died and gone to furnishing heaven. It was everything I wanted my cute little place to be, and more. There were vintage typewriters at every turn, cute tables and chairs, and not to mention stacks of vintage suitcases! It was so tempting to walk out with a little of everything, but alas I do not have a place to put all of this - not yet anyway.

But The Works is more than just the best place on Earth for all the furnishings I could ever want, it is also a home for creatives of all sorts. They rent out space in their third level - yes, there is THREE LEVELS - to creatives of all sorts. Whether you need a studio space to make all your goodies, a place to photograph or just a neat little desk space to call your own they have you covered!
Just head over to their website and contact them for more information!

Contact The Works on their: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

- margaret


  1. love antique shops! gorgeous pictures! just followed you dear. check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like.:)

  2. What a great find! I knew Enmore/Newtown had some great furniture shops but never knew such a shop existed in Glebe!

    Thanks for sharing :)



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