Friday, May 10, 2013

oscar wylee.

Recently I was introduced to the fantastic brand that is Oscar Wylee.
Having worn optical glasses since that age of 10 glasses have always been an integral part of my life and something I've grown up with. As my tastes and style changed, so did my glasses. However, I always bought my glasses in store where I got to try almost every pair before selecting the one to take home with me - now Oscar Wylee has made this process a lot easier.
Oscar Wylee takes out the hassle of trying on every pair in the shop and brings the process to you. The home trial lets you try on 5 different pairs of glasses over a course of a week so you can see what other's think of your new specs too. 

Design Names from Top-Bottom:
Darwin, Jarvis
Gabby, Stafford

- margaret

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