Friday, May 17, 2013

interview: the hidden thimble.

Talyssa & Siree from The Hidden Thimble

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
Hi! We are Talyssa and Siree from The Hidden Thimble.  Strangely enough, we met at uni through a group assignment (haha) and since then, our friendship has only grown.

Our blog is our little space on the interweb where we can explore our personal styles in fashion and things we enjoy doing in our day to day lives – such as going to cafes, fashion events, travel experiences and venting our frustrations (haha)

How did you first get into fashion and blogging?
Talyssa: I think as a creative/visual person you are naturally attracted to things that look appealing, and fashion falls into this.  The first thing that really sparked my interest in fashion was looking at my first Japanese fashion magazine, I absolutely fell in love with how visual and unique everything was – very different to Australian fashion.  Since then I loved looking at how people explored their own fashion tastes for inspiration.  I don’t think I have one particular fashion style, but I think that is what makes it more fun to me – each day I can wear something different.

Siree: Talyssa and my early fashion experiences are quite similar! I was always interested in Japanese fashion and loved the culture when I was in high school. I remember back then I would see kids wearing “emo” and “goth” -wear and, sadly, thought it looked good… until I saw the Japanese styles! I was always fascinate to try it but never thought I could pull it off and wanted to express myself through the clothes I wore.  As I became more invested in being “fashionable” I started to be obsessed with clothing…shoes…nails…

Talyssa: In terms of blogging I’ve had personal blogs on and off throughout the years but nothing that was ever really serious.  During my uni years I found myself really enjoying blogs like Xiaxue, watching YouTube personalities etc and that’s really when the idea that blogging was something I might like to try out started.  Siree was fortunately on the same wavelength and the brainstorming began.

Siree: I was always a reader of blogs; I never felt I was a confident writer. In uni we had to do a lot of writing on social media sites because of our course so that helped me ease into the blogging style and I found it fun. I kept on showing Talyssa all the fashion styling photos I found interesting and vice versa to the point we had so much content we could start our own blog, and we did!

Where are some of your favourite places to shop?
Talyssa: I love shopping online because I can find exactly what I want, there’s a lot more variety and it’s a lot cheaper too!

Siree: Shopping at markets is fun! My favourites are Glebe and Bondi. If not, than I would say online is my go-to destination.

Which bloggers do you look up to and why?
Talyssa: I don’t know if I look up to any particular blogger, but I do enjoy reading Xiaxue’s blog. I know I know, sometimes she takes some things too far, but I like that most of the time she puts jerks back in their place. Plus it’s hella entertaining.  I have to say that through blogging I’ve been talking with a lot of lovely bloggers who are extremely friendly! So thanks to all of you lovely people!

Siree:  Hmmm I have inspiration go-to bloggers like Shini Park from PARK & CUBE, Sue Lyn from Twist Chic and Pin Chun Kuo from Taipei since I love to browse their website for pretty things to look at. But my favourite of favourites (but a vlogger) at the moment is Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters. She’s got a great personality and an awesome sense of style and she’s tiny like me (except I may be shorter).

Nicole from Blankbird wants to know: How would you spend a day in your city, if you only had a very precious 24 hours to spare?
Siree: I would say take Talyssa on roller coasters all day again because it freaks her out! (haha) But since there’s no Wonderland anymore (yes, remember Wonderland?) I would say food safari. Sydney has some good eating spots; we just don’t have a big enough stomach!

What should we ask the next interviewee?
If you had to pick one tv show or movie where you were allowed to keep all the clothing worn in it, which would it be?


  1. Love your interviews. I always find new blogs to follow from them :)

  2. Thanks love again for considering us for your blogger interview! Xx


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