Sunday, May 12, 2013

instagram diary: april.

April was a fun, fashion packed month - here's my Instagram diary.
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1. A healthy dinner of crepes and waffles at Oliver Brown - see my recommendation here.
2. Fashion Week outfit planning featuring Tory Burch.
3. Aurelio Costello's installation at Fashion Week - see full post here.
4. Out and about in my MojoMade tee.
5. Some mid-work noms: hazelnut mousse cake.
6. My new everyday bag by 10 Bells from The Iconic.
7. Cute daisies I found on my day trip up to Katoomba.
8. Previewing the Sneaking Duck collection.
9. Testing out H2D at Stevie English Hair featuring the talented Elly.

- margaret

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  1. Nice mix gallery;)
    I like your blog, I'm your new follower;)
    let me know if u want follow me back;)
    Kisses x


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