Monday, April 15, 2013

mbfwa 2013: day 4 & 5.

The last two days saw a variety of high street fashion hit the runway. It was nice to see brands I know and love (and can afford) hit the runway and showcase what they have installed for the summer ahead. Day 4 and 5 brought amazing pieces from designers such as Bless'ed Are The Meek, Phoenix Keating and Shakuhachi, and upcoming designers such as Leroy Nguyen and Inder Dhillon. For me, the stand out was Suboo, hence the overwhelming number of images from their show - it was ridiculously hard to choose the best of that show.

All images taken by Tom Malek.

The Innovators
featuring Leroy Nguyen, Elissa McGowan, Inder Dhillon & Ying Yuan.

Haryono Setiadi 
(previously known as An Ode To No-One)

- margaret

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