Thursday, April 11, 2013

mbfwa 2013: day 3.

The hump of MBFWA indicated a clear trend across this season - white. From structured white pieces to white pieces as a base for colour and print, it is clear what trend is going to sing through for the coming months ahead. I hope that someone will come up with white pieces that miraculously never stain for clumsy people like me.

The highlight of the day for me had to be the Raffles International Graduate show. To see up and coming designers from Sydney and other parts of the world such as Singapore was a great taste of the talent that I'll, hopefully, grow up knowing. The overall standouts from that show had to be Gabriel Lee and Diyana Kosso, but one of my favourite pieces that I want to steal off the runway was a gorgeous blue dress by Xu's.
It was also really nice to sit front row for the first time - fashion week goal: achieved!

All photos (except Raffles show) taken by Tom Malek
Raffles show image from Getty Images.

Aurelia Evelyn Santoso

Ayaka Ichikawa

Diyana Kosso

Gabriel Lee

Nara Sangngern

Xu's by Virginia Killroy Liu

- margaret

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  1. Such lovely runway shots! :) Really nice pieces. I agree with you about the white though - I can't wear too much of it as it always ends up getting something spilled on it when I wear it, haha!

    Away From Blue


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