Monday, April 22, 2013

interview: blankbird.

Nicole from Blankbird
Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
Piano, fashion, food and travel - these are the four things I love and pretty much gives you an idea to who I am. My blog Blankbird gives you the side of me that's very much hooked on beautiful clothes, inspiring designers, and a journey through my wardrobe!

How did you first get into fashion and blogging?
I was studying piano performance at uni but have always loved my clothes and so I started my blog really as a way of exploration, for me to do something out of music. I certainly didn't know what to expect but it's been such an eye-opener so far, meeting and working with everyone that I have - and definitely rewarding!

Where are some of your favourite places to shop?
Probably spend too much time window shopping online - I have built up a very impressive 'saved list' on ASOS! Also loving Cameo's designs at the moment and very much looking forward to checking out Alice McCall and Shakuhachi's collections instore.

Which bloggers do you look up to and why?
Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper - I've followed her since pretty much the start of her blog and it's simply amazing to watch how she's built herself up so successfully. I love that her photos tell a story so beautifully and they often leave me in wide-eyed amazement.

Caitlin from Caity Says wants to know: what's your favourite holiday destination, why and what essentials would you pack?
Somewhere that takes me away from my everyday life, be it beautiful sunsets at the beach or experiencing the hustle and bustle of a foreign city. At the moment though, I'm dreaming Hawaii - a white sundress, bit of girlie crochet, mix of print separates and comfy sandals for sunshine weather!

What should we ask the next interviewee?
How would I spend a day in your city, if I had only a very precious 24 hours to spare?

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