Monday, April 29, 2013

bespoke ss13/14 showings.

Last week I headed down to Bespoke PR's showroom to view the upcoming SS13/14 range by designers such as Serpent & The Swan, Ae'lkemi, Jamie Ashkar, Mode Collective - just to name a few.

Each designer had a different style to bring to the table.
Serpent and the Swan, who had quirky jewellery such as the tooth bracelet and show stopping pieces such as the sheer black top with horse head embellishments.
Jamie Ashkar, who had stunning structured pieces in gorgeous pops of colour.
Mode Collective, who had the best collection of boots and heels. (Those pearl classic heels are on my wishlist!)
Ae'lkemi, who failed to disappoint with their gorgeous sequinned and featured gowns - if only there were more events that wearing such gowns were appropriate!
Lauren Damelian, who produced my favourite piece of the day - the maroon peter pan cut out dress. 
Caslazur, who had the striking snake skin scale leather jacket and embellished bras.
Dark Horse Jewellery, who had a range of statement pieces to add the final touches to any outfit.

- margaret

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