Monday, March 25, 2013

winter essentials.

With winter around the corner its time to start preparing ourselves for the cold shift to come. Unfortunately for those who are experiencing similar autumn weather, what we are experiencing now is nowhere near a taste of whats to come, nor is it a ease into the cooler months.

I've always strong disliked winter, I simply never had enough fashionable clothing to get me through the cooler months. However, as I'm writing this in extremely horrid and humid weather where I simply cannot get enough clothes off, I'm starting to look forward to the cooler months to come. So, here's my little essentials/wishlist of what I'll be looking for to get me through the colder months.

1. Beanie
The best thing about the beanie is obvious, it keeps your head cold. The downside is, to wear a beanie means a full days commitment. Beanies give you extreme hat hair, but luckily for us the messy hair look is still going strong.

2. Collarless Coat
I'm still on the search for the perfect collarless coat. The collarless-ness of these coats give an added 50s chic that a collared coat does not have. Try go for something with a striking colour like a bold yellow, cobalt or red.

3. Silk Shirt
These are an absolute essential for all wardrobes so expect to spend a little money on these. A good silk shirt will get you through the cool weather with ease. Look for something that you can pair with under a jumper, whether it's something with an interesting colour or collar, these shirts are versatile!

4. Ankle Boots
During the cooler months I tend to swap my daily flats for boots. Although I lived religiously in my Doc Martens for years it's time to switch them up for something with a bit more of a fashionable flare. These boots from Market HQ are perfect, they can be paired with a cute dress and coat or jeans and a tee.

Quick Tips:
Layering is your best friend during the cooler months. My favourite layering technique is wearing a dress under a skirt. Not only does this give all your dresses an added versatility but the added "skirt" fabric provided by the dress means you'll be twice as warm, even if you're wearing summer pieces!
Also, my favourite winter piece would be Ambra slips. These body slips (I have a top and a dress slip) are warm and tight so you won't notice it under your clothes and give you added warmth!

- margaret

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