Monday, March 18, 2013

live music: flogging molly.

Last week my boyfriend and I flew down to Melbourne to see American-Irish seven piece Flogging Molly. I'm not going to lie, prior to meeting my very proud part Irish boyfriend the only songs I had heard of by Flogging Molly was in the movie P.S: I Love You and even then I didn't know it was Flogging Molly until my boyfriend played it one day and I recognised it.
The concert was absolutely amazing! I have never seen a band play with so much energy and be able to amp up the crowd the way they did. They played all the well-known classics towards the end of the evening which saw the crowd go absolutely mental - I go to heavy metal concerts and I've never seen a crowd go as insane as they did for Flogging Molly!
The venue, The Palace, was a cosy narrow venue which gave it a pub feel - I felt like I was in the pub scene of P.S: I Love You ... except the Irish wasn't serenading me... however to much of my boyfriend's dismay they didn't serve Guinness there, and much to my dismay my camera wasn't allowed in the venue.
What I loved most was as it was a seven piece the lead singer would introduce each member through the evening and when that member was introduced they would play a mini solo which would lead into the next song. The best bit, for the fans, was how the band hopped into the pit after the show was over to shake hands and do a meet and greet with their fans.
If you guys get a chance to see this seven piece play, I highly recommend it!
Image from @lpmmags Instagram

- margaret

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