Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a spot of dotti & review florals.

Recently I went on a shopping trip with mother dearest in the City. The great thing about shopping in the city is that there are several areas which to scout for pieces, and being a picky shopper this is like a knight in shining armour!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, in Sydney CBD there is the "outer" city which holds Broadway shopping centre - which is alright if you're in the area and Market City, which is technically a discount warehouse (the prices aren't all that much cheaper) and is on top of the renown Paddy's Markets - which has gotten ridiculously expensive.
The CBD encapsulates the well-known Pitt St Mall which houses a huge Myer alongside a great variety of shops such as Zara. Pitt St is generally where I hit up when I'm looking for specific items as there are so many great stores in one location.

Here's a few of my newest pieces to my wardrobe.

Dotti Striped T-Shirt & Plain White T-Shirt
Both for $30 - usually $19.95 each
Purchased @ Dotti - Market City
For someone who loves basics, it was weird I didn't have a staple striped and white t-shirt in my collection. Initially I wanted the black and white striped shirt, but there weren't any in my size, so I settled with a navy stripe, which ended up being better!
Just a note, the sizing is a little bit larger than normal. I usually wear a XS and this XS by Dotti sits quite loosely, which isn't an issue for me.

Review "Garland" Top & "Bloom" Skirt
$129.95 & $149.95 respectively - got $100 off for spending more than $250
Purchased @ Review - Myer
Review is now one of my favourite brands. It's feminine with a hint of 50s chic. I fell in love with this skirt when I spotted it. I loved the print and best yet, the length was perfect.
The top was also love at first sight. I loved the lace cap sleeves and the graphic floral print. However, what's frustrating is the small size zip. The zip keeps propping up when tucked into skirts or shorts which gives a weird silhouette on the left side.

Sportsgirl "Nicola Caged" Heels
$49.95 (was $99.95)
Purchased @ Sportsgirl - Broadway
Although these weren't the initial caged heels I wanted from Sportsgirl, they're actually much better than the ones I initially wanted - blogged here. I bought these heels mainly for my job to conceal my foot tattoo. The height is perfect for a day wear at work but is also fashionable to take outside the office, which is perfect!
Note: I bought these a size up as the zipper behind the ankle bit down as you walked.

- margaret


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