Friday, February 15, 2013

yearly staples & trends.

At the beginning of every year I invest a bit of money into my every day staples. The one thing that crops up on every year's list is a new pair of comfy flats. When I bought my first pair of Tony Bianco Mai Tai flats last year I knew that this was an annual relationship made to last. So when I found out that they were having a sale on their flats I jumped on that ship quick fast!

Here are some of my latest staple and trend pieces :)

ASOS 90's Crop Top
Purchased @ Asos
To be completely honest, I bought this piece without knowing how I was going to wear it or to what occasion. This top works incredibly well with high-waisted pieces, which works perfectly with my wardrobe but it's not really 100% my style or something I can wear to work. So, I'm still waiting for a good occasion to wear this out. Maybe I'll find some place to wear this this weekend...

ASOS Sonic Pointed Heels
Purchased @ Asos
When I saw these heels I knew I had to have them. Although I'm okay when it comes to wearing heels, I just do not last long in heels taller than 10cm, as much as I love the additional height! Despite my difficulty with high-high heels I could never bring myself to wear kitten heels because I just didn't like how they looked. However, the ankle straps on these heels give it something more, which ultimately changed my mind.

ASOS Petite Basic Peg Pants
Purchased @ Asos
Being only 160cm tall makes buying pants that fit length wise an absolute pain. It also makes buying pants online a very scary issue but I decided that I trusted Asos enough to give their petite range pants a try. Verdict? These are the best pants I have ever owned! They fit perfectly and are amazingly flattering! So if you've ever had issues with pants I highly recommend shopping at Asos's petite section!!

Three Of Something Maxi Dress
Purchased @ Park Avenue PR Sample Sale
I decided to swing by Park Avenue during that sample sale. I absolutely love the brands these girls look after and knew there was bound to be something there that I'd love, and there was. I found this gorgeous mint green split maxi dress by Three of Something amongst their sample stock and knew I needed it. Once again, I bought this with no idea how or where to wear it to, but I know the occasion is just waiting to be stumbled upon! 

Staple Superior Deckhand Bag
Purchased @ The Iconic
 I bought this backpack because I desperately needed one to travel with while I was in China. I searched high and low for the perfect backpack and finally found one hiding away in the "mens" section on The Iconic. This search just shows that sometimes you just have to browse through what the mens' section has to offer before moving your search elsewhere.

Tony Bianco Malibu & Mai Tai flats
$60 & $40 respectively
Purchased @ Tony Bianco Online
As mentioned before flats are those staples that I have to buy annually because they're my everyday go-to shoes. I have to say that Tony Bianco flats are hands down the most comfortable and most worth you dollar shoes that you can ask for. Mine only ever last a year and a bit but that's only because I wear them every day. Not only are they super comfortable they always come in a variety of colours. I usually buy a pair of staple black or navy but this year I figured I'd mix things up a little and throw in a pair of red - they were on sale after all!

- margaret


  1. I personally love those pointed heels and these are perfect for an office wear, I should get a pair from asos.

  2. Great purchases! I love the colourful flats and that maxi dress is beautiful :)

  3. I like that ASOS Sonic Pointed Heels which is a great purchase.


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