Wednesday, February 13, 2013

pleasure state.

Corsets are those pieces that skirt the boundaries of intimate not-to-be-seen underwear and sexy outerwear. I've always said that lingerie can give you secret confidence when you wear something sexy underneath but when you wear something sexy on the outside too, the confidence is a whole different ball game. Although it is definitely weird walking out of the house wearing something like this corset without needing a bra underneath, as it's technically a bra, I can't deny how much I love wearing this corset.

What are your thoughts on the trend where inner-wear has become outerwear?

Skirt: Asos

- margaret


  1. Absolutely love this! You look amazing! xx

  2. SEXY SEXY SEXY! You look bloody amazing!! Hope you're wearing this with curls and red lips today!

    I bought a corset and planned to wear it out one day but yikes I'm really timid! Hahahaha


  3. This looks amazing and lots of our customers wear their lingerie as outerwear. Especially some of thefab Pleasure State pieces. I'm still plucking up the courage...


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