Sunday, February 3, 2013

instagram diary: january.

January on @lpmmags Instagram. Follow me for regular updates :)
1. Giant Duck in Sydney Harbour
2. Learning how to relax with a coffee and a book
3. Sexual Harassment Panda with my cat Flanagan/Mr Kitty - NB: South Park reference!
4. Having fun with my new Fuji instant camera
5. Wrapping orders for my online boutique
6. My newfound love for ice-cream sandwichs
7. Spotted: ship in Sydney Harbour on Australia Day. Dream to be a pirate realised.
8. Put a heap of clothes from my wardrobe for sale over at
9. What I wore to the pub - one of many OOTD photos :)
10. My dream bike by Papillionaire - massive want!
- margaret

1 comment:

  1. Your cat is so cute!

    Is the giant duck for the duck race? We had it here, quite fun to watch :)


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