Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm absolutely loving the rejuvenated 90's style that's coming back with full force! Having grown up in the 90's it's lovely to see that I'm getting a second chance to try out the style with my personal input (can't say I had much of a choice in what I wore as a kid...).
I'm also loving the sudden burst of vintage style sunglasses! We can finally move on from giant Nicole Richie style sunglasses to more vintage-nostalgic cuts like cat-eye and round 60's frames like these Zenica frames by Epokhe!

Sunglasses: Epokhe
Top: Asos
Boots: Doc Martens

- margaret


  1. Absolutely love this! Love the simplicity and total chicness of this! That skirt is to die for and it looks so good on you!
    And the sunnies are gorgeous!


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