Wednesday, December 12, 2012

winter in summer.

Unfortunately for me this Christmas I will not get to bask in the warm summer sun as I'll be jetting off to the northern hemisphere (China to be exact) to be a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding. Now, that doesn't sound so bad except I am NOT a winter person so for me to give up two weeks worth of summer in exchange for winter is a HUGE thing.

So, I figured I'd take this opportunity to explore the excitement that is travelling, more specifically to a cooler climate, with items I have and wish to have with me and things that I wish I could have keeping me company back here.

Staple Superior Backpack (available @ The Iconic) / I Like Wolves Khaki Parka (available @ Market HQ) / Roc "Territory" Boots / L'avion Fawn Silk Scarf 

Sportsgirl Rani Floral Dress / We Are Handsome 50s Rose Style Bikini (available @ Style Milk) Thierry Lasry 'Annalinny 252' Sunglasses (available @ Basically Boutique)


  1. cute bag here hehe, hope you have fun in china! it will be cold...... ><


  2. I hope you have fun in China, even though it will be cold. Congratulations to your cousin on their wedding :)

  3. love love love the 50s bikini!! need one like that for summer x



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