Tuesday, December 18, 2012

tell me a story with sportsgirl.

A few bloggers have been asked to share their stories as part of a Sportsgirl blogger badge, and here's mine.

Tell us a story about yourself. 

I don't have one full story to tell, so here's a series of facts that create the story that is me.
  • I'm extremely accident proned, I managed to sprain both sides of my hip (one of the most difficult areas to sprain) over two soccer seasons. I am now banned from playing.
  • I love chasing my cat around just so I can grab her and give her pats and cuddles - in my defence, she's part ragdoll so she's soft and fluffy like you wouldn't believe!
  • I play the piano and am at a level that qualifies me to be a teacher (being Asian, that should come as no surprise)
  • I'm slightly OCD... or maybe I just have a thing for dot points and being organised....
  • My number one pet peeve is people/buses/trains etc being late - I usually aim to arrive somewhere at least 30minutes to an hour before I'm meant to - so if I'm ever late, expect me to be raging.
  • I always do things in multiples of 5 or 10 - ie: these dot points with be stopped at number 10, and I always increase/decrease volume in multiples of 5...
  • I drink, or average, 3 cups of tea a day.
  • I currently have 4 tattoos, and counting
  • I'm a bit of a geek - I love Battlestar Galactica, amongst other sci-fi shows, and love playing Yu-Gi-Oh, amongst console and other card games, with my boyfriend.
  • I'm petrified of scary/horror/thriller/suspense etc. movies and have a tendency to make myself very paranoid and scared.

Tell us your favourite fashion memory. 
My favourite fashion memory would be the collection of memories when I was about 8 and would go through my mother's wardrobe and play dress-ups in all her maxi skirts and dresses, many of which are now integrated into my wardrobe :)

Tell us your earliest or most favourite memory of Sportsgirl. 
My fondest memory of Sportsgirl was during the break between the end of high school and the beginning of university. As I was moving from a world where my daily outfit was strict and pre-determined to a world where I had complete freedom meant one thing, time to shop! So my mother and I went down Pitt St mall and I spent most of my time shopping up a storm in Sportsgirl where I stocked up on bags, accessories and key pieces, all of which I still mix into my outfits now!
Sportsgirl is also my go-to place for retail therapy and a bit of a pick-me up.

Tell us what’s on your Christmas wishlist this year. 
I've actually did a post on my Christmas wishlist a few days ago which included an unlimited supply of Polaroid film :)

Tell us 3 bloggers you’d like to answer the same questions on their blog! 
I would love to see what Nicole from Blank Bird, Liss from Daydream Lily and Ally from Unknown Pleasures.


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