Sunday, December 23, 2012

it's feeling a lot like christmas.

With Christmas around the corner I thought I'd show you some of the new additions to my wardrobe to see if you could sneak in a few last minute wishlist items. Many of these pieces you may have seen already in outfit posts, but most of it is still currently available - happy shopping!

Tokito Camel Coat
Purchased @ Myer
I bought this coat a while ago, around September, when Sydney suddenly got REALLY windy out of nowhere. I was stuck in the City with very little clothing and was planning on staying out for the evening so knew I had to do something about the sudden cold snap so I walked around looking frantically for a coat but everyone had changed their floor stock to summer pieces. I finally found something in Myer and it was on sale! So I snapped it up :)
Weirdly though, this coat is a Size 10 and is still tight on me when I'm usually a Size 6...ho hum..

Romwe Cobalt Skirt
Puchased @ Romwe
I got this skirt because I was in dire need of a maxi skirt. When I shopped this on Romwe they had a choice between black or cobalt blue. Being stuck between these two colours I texted my non-fashion minded boyfriend asking which I should get - he replied blue. I was hesitant but decided to go with his answer. When I received it I was glad. The blue has been a much needed addition to my very black wardrobe. Guess my boyfriend had the right idea...

Market HQ Scuba Mesh Crop Top & Motel Rocks Skirt
$49 $29 & $69, respectively
Purchased @ Market HQ
I bought this outfit in the one shop with the very intention of wearing them together for my birthday - and it worked out so well! A lot of the times the styling I have in my head doesn't always work out when I put it together, but this worked amazingly. This was my first crop top and I was hesitant about it, and to this day I still am as I've only worn it twice but I've managed to throw the skirt on with a lot more. Regardless, I love both these pieces very much.
This top is still available but is now only $29!

Mink Pink Photo Floral Blazer
Purchased @ Market HQ
With all the floral jacket flying around these days I knew it was time to invest in one, again a little-ish too late. This jacket has been a lifesaver! I can throw this jacket on over my regular singlet/t-shirt and jeans and make the outfit look spectacular! It's the effortless styling I've been looking for and all I needed was this one jacket!
Get your hands on one today before it sells out! I'm usually a large Size 6, small Size 8 and XS fits me nicely with some movement - hope this tips helps!
Keep your eyes peeled to see how I style this!

St Frock Derby Day Dress
$79 $50
courtesy of St Frock
I was gifted this gorgeous Derby Day dress a few months ago and it has become on of my favourite! When I first chose it I was a little skeptical as this was my first strapless dress. I wasn't sure how I was going to go about styling this but after a while I found that this little black dress is incredibly versatile! You can dress it up with a pair of heels, or dress it down with a denim jacket. I've styled this so many different ways!

Glassons Peplum
Purchased @ Glassons
After seeing all the peplum at MBFWA earlier on in the year it took me 3 months to actually convince myself to buy one - and let me tell you, it has been the best buy ever! It's perfect for those "fat days" where you just don't want to walk out in something skin tight. This peplum has been a lifesaver for those kind of days for me as it cinches in just in the right place giving you the ultimate flattering silhouette and much needed confidence boost.

Casper & Pearl 'First Love' Crop
$68 - sold out
Purchased @ Casper & Pearl
When I first saw Casper & Pearl, I don't even know how I stumbled onto them, but when I first saw the sneak peeks of these bustiers I knew I had to get my hands on one. Now, these gorgeous floral bustiers are all handmade and were in limited supply so the moment they went online I did not hesitate in getting my hands on one!
Sadly though, as these are all one size it doesn't fit me as well as I'd hoped. I have a large bust but because I'm smaller no matter how tight I tie it, it's still a little loose.
Check out this look here.

Cotton On Printed Pants
Purchased @ Cotton On
I only bought these pants because I needed to top up to $50 to get free shipping when I bought some canvas letters. I was a bit meh about them when I ordered them but once I got them I fell in love! The lightweight cotton fabric was perfect for the changing season and it had pockets! It's the little things that count, but regardless I wear these pants at home and the best thing is I can just walk out wearing these as they're not too obviously pjs styled.
Check out this look here.

Asos Oversized Boyfriend Denim Jacket
Purchased @ Asos
I was very hesitant about buying this jacket for two reason, it's expensive (I'm on a student wage, so yes, $60 for a jacket is exceptionally expensive) and also because it's oversized I knew it was going to be large but the smallest size they had was a size 8. Natalie from Lucy & The Runaways wore this jacket when I saw her once and I asked her about the sizing. She told me she bought one size smaller because of the oversized nature, so I freaked out a little but decided to buy one anyway - and I'm glad I did. I love throwing this jacket on over a skirt or dress, or just over a t-shirt and jeans combination. Perfect for the slightly cooler days as it's quite thick.
Check out this look here.

Mink Pink Meow Tank
Purchased @ Market HQ
When I spotted this top on Instagram I knew I had to have it, but because I spotted it at 10pm at night I thought I'd get it in the morning - bad mistake. By the time I got round to buying it my size and even the size up was all sold out. I was tempted to buy a size M but because of the oversized nature I didn't want the crop top to look more like a baggy t-shirt so I tried searching for it everywhere else, but came out empty handed. I spammed Market HQ's twitter asking them to let me know if they were going to restock, and much to my pleasure it was - and right before my birthday too!
Check out more of this look here.

Here Comes The Sun Galaxy Tiger top
Purchased @ Market HQ
Another one of the, needed to fill the cart to meet the free shipping, stories with this t-shirt. I bought this with the meow tank above as I needed to meet the $50 requirement. I kind of liked the print, but knew my boyfriend would like it more - not that I was buying it for him to wear, but I just knew he loves tigers and the whole galactic thing because of his sci-fi geekiness. Anyway, similar story too all my accidental buys to fill up my cart, this has been one of my favourite t-shirt. I love wearing it around the house and then just throw on a pair of denim shorts to make it "going out" worthy :)
Check out this look here.

Sportsgirl Necklaces
Purchased @ Sportsgirl
I bought these with the intention of wearing them to the festivals I was covering for The Cassette Society. The triangle necklace reminded me of House Of Harlow, something I can't afford so it was nice to have something similar in my collection. The chain necklace I threw in just to tip the shopping cart over to $50 - again. However, although I had more intention for the triangle necklace, it turned out that the chain necklace has been more versatile.
Check out how I styled the chain necklace here.
And see how I styled the triangle necklace here.

Beige Heels
Purchased @ Style Tread
I only bought these heels because I was required to have a pair of beige heels for my cousin's wedding (I'm a bridemaid, you see). So I decided to break into these before the wedding and it worked gorgeously with an outfit I had planned that screamed a lot of colour. The beige heels ensured that the focus was on the clothing while complimenting it. Can't wait to wear these heels with more pieces!
Oh and these are the lowest heels I have ever had, it was nice to be able to walk around without too much post-heel calf pain :)
Check out how I styled these here.


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