Monday, December 10, 2012

homebake 2012.

On Saturday, as the sun beamed through the predicted storm clouds, Natalie (Lucy & The Runaways) and I headed out to the Domain in Sydney to enjoy a day of fantastic music and festivities. Although the music at Homebake still wasn't 100% my cup-of-tea, like it was at Harvest, it was a lot closer than what I experienced at Stereosonic and Harbourlife. When I saw the line-up the one that grabbed my attention immediately was Kimbra. I first discovered her mid last year and listened to her religiously from that point forward so least to say I was extremely excited to see her play!

But first point of call at Homebake, it being my final festival for this year, I had to have my must-have festival food, gozleme. Once I tackled down my tasty festival dinner, and having time swirl by as I enjoyed it, Nat and I hurried off to find the stage that Emma Louise was playing at. More on her and the other artists I saw below!

A huge thank you to The Cassette Society in dressing me, have a look at what I wore to Homebake here, and taking me to four different festivals in the last four weeks!

Images taken by Natalie & myself.

 Natalie's arm candy

Emma Louise
I first discovered Emma Louise, properly, when I was down in Melbourne last year with my friend who began playing her music on her phone. I use to listen to Triple J religiously so I had heard of her single 'Jungle' before that day, but it wasn't until my friend told me who she was and let me listen to her EP that I really discovered her. Her music is sweet and I can't listen to it without thinking of Melbourne, her EP has become synonymous with that trip, as if its the soundtrack of that trip.
She played absolutely spectacularly in on an intimate stage that was packed. She played a lot of her new songs, which I'm yet to listen to properly, and closed with '1000 Sundowns'.
If you haven't had a chance to listen to her, get on it! Also, if you can get the chance, see her live - she recently toured with Missy Higgins :)

I first heard of Sam Sparro when he released his single 'Black & Gold' back in 2008, which he closed with on the evening. However, after this single, I never heard of him again so I was surprised to see he was part of the lineup at Homebake!
His music has a funk feel to it and is extremely catchy. It was fantastic to see him play and to be wowed by his performance considering I only knew one song. You know that a musician is good when you don't know their music but walk away humming it, which is what happened to me! He was extremely energetic and danced through most of his set, but also managed to sit down and serenade us near the end. He also did something I have never seen another musician do, he shared the stage and limelight with his backup singers who had vocal solos in a few of his songs.
All in all, I'm definitely investing in some of his new tunes!

Let's start with a little disclaimer on my write up with this artist, I do not want to offend anyone as there's are just my thoughts of Daniel Merriweather.
Ok, let's begin. First off, I don't even know how to describe his music. One moment he's playing some type of funk with a Jamaican feeling bass and the next he's in the middle of a ballad. Most of the time he's yelling more than he's singing, and his performance made me think he was on several kinds of drugs at once, and not in a good way (is there a good way for this?).
Although he managed to wow me with his ballad "Falling Down" he immediately turned around and butchered one of my favourite Nine Inch Nail's song "Closer". Now, I was already iffy with him as he began to play but once he attempted to cover "Closer", with it almost being unrecognisable, it was all downhill from there.

Kimbra was the main act that caught my attention when I saw the lineup, however seeing her performance was disappointing. She played with the most energy I've ever seen any performer play with, but she didn't perform her songs exactly the same, which isn't a problem most of the time, if anything it's refreshing to hear some artists play around with their music. However, with Kimbra it got to the extent where the songs become unrecognizable until the chorus, which is not what you want. Despite the mild disappointment in this, it was still amazingly impressive to see her play live especially with the use of vocal electronic modifiers. 



  1. Awe pretty pics. Looks like so much fun

    @pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. Looks like you got nice and close! Shame not all the acts were as good as you hoped though :(


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