Friday, December 14, 2012

galaxy knees.

When I spotted this t-shirt on Market HQ I fell in love. I loved the non-conventional tiger print (there are SO many plain tiger/lion print shirts now!). It was my first full printed t-shirt though, so I was a little worried it might not suit me, but alas that is not the case! I wear this t-shirt while I'm home in my trackies, throw it on over my denim shorts or I can dress it up a little - it just works!

I was also excited when I spotted these high-knee socks but when I got them and tried it on, I felt like I looked more like a Japanese school girl. So these socks sat on the backburner in my to-be-styled corner for a very long time until I decided to try wearing it with a more rock-y look, which worked out much better than my initial try-on!

Jacket: Mojomade
T-Shirt: Here Comes The Sun (from Market HQ)
Watch: c/o Disney Ingersoll
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (from Sole Struck)



  1. Oh totally love that top! Gonna search for that! I like the combo of the wine colored socks and the outfit. Love! X

  2. Really like the printed tee and skirt together! :)

    I find printed pieces really versatile - they go with so much! :)

  3. Those socks definitely look cuter in a rocker look. I love that cropped moto jacket as well.

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