Sunday, December 23, 2012

dress like emma watson.

What I love about Emma Watson is despite growing up playing the frizzy hair Hermione in the Harry Potter series, she has managed to grow into her own style and become a style icon for those who grew up with her, me being one of them. A while back, after the release of the final Harry Potter installment, I discussed my praise for her ability to shed the childhood character synonimity to blossom into the face of Burberry. For someone who is only a year older than me, she always looks effortlessly classic chic but sometimes throws in an edgy feel, especially with her pixie hair! I truly adore her style and wish my wardrobe could mimic what she has.

So I googled her style and here's a few of my favourite looks of Emma and how I reckon us lay people can mimic it to the best of our abilities.

When I first saw Emma in this dress it immediately made me think of past season Lover the Label dresses (pictured above). However not all of us can afford a Lover dress nor will we be able to find one exactly like the vintage one Emma wore, so the next place to look is Asos where you are absolutely spoilt for choice! I chose this Asos lace dress as it was the closest to the one Emma was wearing, but it's still a little pricey sitting at just over $200, but then again, it is Kookai...

When I found this image of Emma I fell in love instantly. I instantly fell in love with the textured peplum top and how she paired it with a chic black mini pencil skirt, open toe strapped heels and a perspex leopard print clutch. This was also one of the few looks I found of her not in some sort of gown or cocktail dress...

I have a thing for floral dresses so when I spotted Emma is this gorgeous large floral printed maxi dress I was in love! Sadly, if I tried to wear the same dress she's wearing it wouldn't look half as nice no thanks to my large bust size.
When I first spotted this dress it reminded me instantly of Alannah Hill (the top dress). The combination of the print and the sophisticated chic-ness of it echoed Alannah Hill's style. Except, not all of us can afford Alannah Hill so my next best bet was ModCloth which specialise in the vintage style cut in gorgeous prints, which explains the bottom to dresses.
Dress 1: His Lady Fainted from Alannah Hill
Dress 2: Demure & Simple Dress from Modcloth
Dress 3: You Are Cherry Welcome Dress from Modcloth


  1. They are such lovely looks, especially the second one. She always manages to look sophisticated and feminine at the same time :)


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