Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a little nookie in denim.

What I love about having a boutique is I can scout out things I've been dying to have in my wardrobe and anyone who is like me (there are so many people in this world, there's bound to be someone like me...) they can get their hands on it too! I had been dying to get my hands on a denim jacket and being quite tiny, as great as my boyfriend denim jacket from Asos is it just doesn't work with a lot of my looks, then came this "Jackie" denim jacket. Having only had blazers as jackets the addition of this denim jacket and my boyfriend jacket has given me a more casual look, something I was in dire need of.

When I first got this lace maxi dress I only had one occasion in mind for it, the Pedestrian Daily Blogster Awards 2012. Since then it hung in my wardrobe for a long time waiting for it's day to shine, and then it struck me, tie up the hem and throw on a casual jacket! Now, this may seem like a very simply solution but considering I didn't have a casual jacket up until a month ago this look would've been very difficult to achieve.

Another issue item I had in this look that worked well was the headband. I can't wear them without looking ridiculously young so this awesome studded headband sat on my vanity for a long time. It got it's fair share of testing with outfits before it was tossed down in defeat, but this look accepted it with arms wide open. I think the combination of a semi-formal maxi paired with a casual denim, and the rolled bun helped this little headband along quite nicely.

Have you guys had any trouble items that suddenly fall into place like this look did for me?

Image taken by Rose (Little Lensbug).

Headband: Shop With Romi
Dress: Nookie (from Market HQ)



  1. the dress is totally amazing! looks good on ya babe! xx

  2. Really like the denim jacket with the lace maxi, they balance each other out well :)


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