Monday, November 26, 2012

stereosonic 2012.

On Saturday, after much traffic to Sydney Olympic Park (what a rookie mistake getting my boyfriend to drive me, but I figured since it was down the road it wouldn't be too bad - yeah, the traffic started at the top of our street...) I met up Natalie from Lucy & The Runaways for a day of music, dancing and fun.

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't ecstatic about Stereo when I found out I was going. When I told my brother he almost died on the spot, but being 17 I couldn't take him. I may have made situations worse when I said "I'm going, but I don't even know who's playing. What should I listen to before I go?" - I was almost certain he was going to slap me on the spot. But after much YouTubing I realised I knew some songs from several of the people playing. However, I was still a little skeptical about the actual festival.

Having listened to mainly rock, metal and indie for the last 10years I knew I was in for a shock at Stereo. Firstly, 99% of the men there were topless, and many had shaved, and 99% of the women there were in short-shorts and bikini/bralettes - something I was NOT use to. So that was the "fashion" to be spotted at Stereo. Secondly, I knew the festival was going to be more like a giant open-air club than any festival I've been to, and I was right. Attendees were more focussed on dancing (something I didn't do...I simply DO NOT dance...which made me stand out like a sore thumb, but Nat's friend Michael did dance for me by holding me arms and moving me). Now, I'm use to focussing on the stage and watching the energy of a band play, but at Stereo it was just a man, plus or minus a few other people, behind a turn-table or mic, depending on who was playing.

All in all, it was just a VERY different experience for me, so unfortunately there is no individual write up about the...bands...artist...? I saw. But I'm sure you're wondering, who DID I see? Well I stayed in the main arena for the whole time and watched acts like Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig and Avicii play.

P.S: Want to know just HOW many people were there? Just have a look at the panorama shot of the main arena. That was just one stage out of 9!

A big thank you to The Cassette Society for taking me to Stereosonic, it was definitely a new experience! See what I wore here.

Images taken by Natalie (Lucy & The Runaways) and myself.



  1. These photos are awesome, Looks like so much fun :) x


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