Wednesday, November 28, 2012

red, orange & green.

If you follow my Instagram you would know that this blouse and clutch was a birthday gift from my fellow bloggers Natalie from Lucy & The Runaways and Reen from Bright Green Laces, respectively. The best things about being bloggers is you know what's in each other's wardrobes, it's funny discussing what we plan on wearing because we'd use our looks as reference points. But another great thing is, we know each other's style and what each of us have in our wardrobes so know what to buy without doubling up. I was told to guess which of the two got which piece from Asos (blogger-go-to online shop - they have everything!) and to be honest, it was quite easy. Reen has a more eclectic taste so figured the clutch was from her, which left the blouse to be from Natalie.

I wore this outfit to my lovely friend Laura's magazine, Lovage, launch. I thought I'd try match the red with orange and throw in the green for something striking and different, and surprisingly enough it worked! This is why I love fashion, this is why I do what I do. Also, this clutch got me SO many compliments. I have NEVER experienced that before, so that was definitely nice as this clutch wouldn't have been something I would've bought for myself. Firstly, from first glance it's not my style but after having around for several weeks it's grown on me. Secondly, it is WAY beyond my student budget.

Huge thank you to my two lovely girls Natalie and Reen for these two gorgeous pieces!

Images taken by Reen (Bright Green Laces).

Blouse: A|Wear (from Asos)
Skirt & Clutch: Asos
Heels: Windsor Smith (from StyleTread)
Bracelet: Pandora


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  1. Your tattoo looks really cool!Can I ask what it is exactly? : )


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