Friday, November 30, 2012

(not so) new bits & bobs.

Sorry it's been a while since I've done a 'in my wardrobe' post - and it's not because I haven't bought much, if anything I've bought so much I've been too overwhelmed (and a little embarrassed) to show you all the crazy things I've recently got my hands on.

So here's the first 'in my wardrobe' post since my Asos haul in May.

Image courtesy of @lpmmags Instagram
Studded Leather Jacket
Purchased @ Mojomade Online
I've always loved leather jackets. I bought my first one back in Year 12 (2009) but unfortunately during that time I was quite a bit larger (I'm currently a Size 6, I was a Size 10-12). So the leather jacket I bought during that time was far too large for me so it was time to buy myself a new one, that fit.
The gorgeous Morgan Joanel from MojoMade had been sporting this gorgeous leather jacket in many of her post and I knew that was the one I wanted, luckily for me she was also selling them so I just had to snap one up :)
I not so secretly want her whole wardrobe - here's some posts of her in this cute number.

Image courtesy of @lpmmags Instagram
Bold Belt
Purchased @ Beginning Boutique
With gold accessories popping up everywhere, and having acquired a lovely gold neck plate from Beginning Boutique I knew I had to get more gold into my wardrobe. I don't like to overdo it with gold so this belt gives any outfit the perfect hint of gold.

Nookie French Kiss Maxi Dress
$249 $89
Purchased @ Market HQ
Recently I've had a thing for maxi dresses and when I stumbled across this gorgeous lace number I knew I just had to buy it. Although I had no real occasion for it I bought it anyway. Luckily for me I found the perfect event to wear it. Sadly it's quite a formal looking dress so I haven't had a chance to wear it since.

Image courtesy of @lpmmags Instagram
Vintage Leather Skirt
Purchased @ eBay
After doing a shoot in Natalie (Lucy & The Runaways) gorgeous leather skirt from H&M I knew I need a midi leather skirt stat! Sadly the H&M version was nowhere to be found, even after months of trawling through eBay so I decided to settle for any midi leather skirt in my size - a feat much more difficult that in sounds. Luckily I happened to stumble upon one and snapped it up quick fast.
Check out this look here.

Boyfriend Jeans
$99 $29.99
Purchased @ Just Jeans
I recently did a post about the new boyfriend jeans which are now my 'throw-something-on' jeans. They're super comfortable and perfect for a lazy day where you just want to wear t-shirt and jeans. The great thing about these jeans are you can dress them up by simply wearing a pair of heels - talk about versatility!
Check out this look here.
Asos Prior Pointed Heels
Purchased @ Asos
After seeing Laura (Wrinkle In Time Vintage) do a post about these heels I just had to get a pair. It took me a while to actually purchase them - I hesitated for about 2 months before buying them. I plan on wearing them for my 21st party in a month and a bits time. I absolutely LOVE the ankle straps and the perfect replacement for my dream heels - the Jennifer Hawkins Keeko heels (pictured below).
Check out how I styled it here.

Paul's Boutique Megan Handbag
Purchased @ Topshop
I had been looking for a nice black handbag for a little while to become my everywhere handbag. I needed something that could hold my DSLR comfortably and after finding out that Topshop gave away free shipping (after spending £100) I just had to put through my first order with them.
I absolutely love this handbag, it's big enough to fit those tomes of a reader I get from uni, so it really is my everywhere bag :)
Check out this look here.


  1. So many nice purchases! With the lace dress, it's maybe not the best season as it's so hot right now, but what about a tee or jumper on top so it looks like a lace maxi skirt? It would be beautiful and not as formal so you could wear it anywhere! :)

    I really like your studded leather jacket too :)

    1. Ooh that is a very good idea! I'm definitely going to try that when the weather decides to be cold again, and in Sydney that could happen any day through summer :)


    2. haha must be nice to have cool days occasionally in summer - it's only set to get hotter here I'm sure!


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